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Natural Security standardizes user experience for biometric authentication

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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Natural Security is positioning its solution as a new standard of authentication for transactions–including payments, logical or physical security, online banking, and more, says Dominique Pierre, business development at Natural Security.

The system combines a fingerprint or other biometric with a radio frequency device that communicates with a Natural Security-enabled reader. The radio frequency device can be read without removing it from the pocket making it convenient for users.

The reader, for example a point-of-sale device, could be within range of multiple RF devices from nearby users. To determine which Natural Security device to use for the transaction, biometric match-on-card is used. The individual who is intending to initiate the transaction provides his biometric, for example fingerprint, to the reader. The reader shares this encrypted biometric template with the nearby devices, but only the device that successfully completes the match-on-card is enabled for the transaction.

The key to the Natural Security concept is that the same simple, convenient user experience is replicated across all transaction types. [end] 

Biometric identity and motion analysis specialist, KeyLemon is the latest to join the Blackboard Partnerships Program, bringing its facial recognition solution to the company’s online education portal, Blackboard Learn.

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North Adams Public School officials have decided to implement a new biometric identification system in school cafeterias that they claim will save time and money.

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